Storage Technical V1 C9020-668 Study Guide (Q11-Q20)

Storage Technical V1 C9020-668 Study Guide: 

11.A security policy for a customer specifies a need for similar methods to manage encryption keys for dish and tape storage. A recent proposal includes the IBM TS4500 and IBM Storwize V5030.
What should the technical specialist highlight?
A. IBM Spectrum Protect will provide encryption keys for both products
B. The same USB key can contain the encryption keys for both products.
C. IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager will manage keys for both products.
D. IBM Spectrum Control will manage encryption for both products.

12.A customer wants to improve storage efficiency within a data center. The customer requires a low latency storage system that has a highly parallel architecture and comprehensive data reduction with pattern removal.
Which system should the technical specialist propose?
A. IBM FlashSystem V9000
C. IBM FlashSystem A9000R
D. IBM XIV with compression
Answer: C

13.Which IBM XIV replication feature provides the ability for a remote target volume to be initialized without requiring the contents of the source volume to be re-replicated over an inter-site link?
A. Asynchronous Replication
B. Quick Initialization
C. Offline Initialization
D. Synchronous Replication
Answer: C

14.A customer has released a RFP for a cloud solution to monitor and analyze storage usage on IBM Spectrum Virtualize and EMC disk. The proposed solution will replace on-site monitoring software.
Which product should the technical specialist recommend?
A. IBM Spectrum Scale
B. IBM Electronic Service Agent
C. IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights
D. IBM Storage Alert Manager
Answer: C

15. A customer’s compliance department requires that data is kept for ten years. The data must be available as needed, and the customer must ensure that the data
cannot be modified.
Which technology should the specialist recommend?
A. NVMe flash
B. SED drives
C. NL-SAS drives
D. WORM tape cartridges
Answer: D

16.A customer has existing SAP HANA production nodes connected to an IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS). The customer needs to scale out additional ESS nodes to maintain the high I/O throughput requirement
Which type of nodes should be proposed?
A. Protocol nodes with SAS drives
B. Storage nodes with SSD drives
C. Storage nodes with SAS drives
D. Protocol nodes with SSD drives
Answer: B

17.A customer has a fully licensed single frame IBM TS4500 with four 3592 drives installed, using about 200 storage slots, and a small IBM TS3310 library with two LTO-6 drives and 60 LTO-6 cartridges The customer wants to consolidate the two libraries and move the LTO cartridges into the IBM TS4500.
Which upgrade to the IBM TS4500 achieves this goal?
A. Use the existing frame, and add two new LTO-6 drives.
B. Upgrade the LTO-6 drive models and move them into the existing frame,
C. Move the two LTO-6 drives into a new IBM TS4500 drive frame.
D. Add a new drive frame, with two new LTO-7 drives.
Answer: A

18.A customer issued an RFP to replace EMC Disks, Vendors are being asked to provide the best competitive advantage in their proposals.
What should the IBM proposal on an IBM FlashSystem A9000 include in the bid?
A. Flash cache
B. All software features included in base price
C. HyperSwap migration
D. Fully-automated software tiering
Answer: A

19. A customer with a block storage from a competitor desires an OpenStack ready platform for storage management.
Which solution should the technical specialist recommend?
A. IBM Spectrum Control
B. IBM Spectrum Scale
C. IBM Spectrum protect Suite
D. IBM PowerVM NovaLink
Answer: B

20.An IBM mainframe client has IBM DS8886 CKD storage installed, The customer has decided to add another new IBM DS8886 and use IBM Metro Mirror to provide a synchronous redundant copy of the data.
Which additional IBM software enables non-disruptive failover in the event of a storage hardware failure?
A. IBM Global Mirror
B. IBM HyperSwap
C. IBM High Performance FICON
D. IBM Remote Pair FlashCopy
Answer: B

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