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H11-811 HCNA-UC (Unified Communication) Exam|Huawei H11-811-ENU Exam Questions|H11-811-ENU Questions

About U1900 series unified gateway data backup method, which of the following statement is correct? ( ) (Multiple choice)
A. You can export the configuration file through the Web management interface
B. You can export the configuration file by LMT configuration tool
C. can be executed on the command line interface config the upload the file to backup the data
D. need to preset file server address as system hostip
Answer: BCD

If A and B two IP phones registered to the same U1960, which of the following statement is correct? ( )
A. A and B media stream need to go through U1960
B. A and B on the phone, the path of the signaling flow and media flow is the same
C. when A and B is on the phone, U1960 lose power unexpectedly, the call of A and B is immediately interrupted
D. after U1960 outage, A and B can not initiate a new call
Answer: D

Which of the following is the eSpace IPT solution supported function? (Multiple choice)
A. black and white list
B. One-pass
C. Call Hold service
D. multimedia conference
Answer: ABC

In U1900 series unified gateway, which type of number transformation can be divided into ? ( ) (Multiple choice)
A. insert number
B. delete numbers
C. change numbers
D. seperate number
Answer: ABC

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Huawei H12-222 HCNP-R&S-IENP Test Questions | H12-222-ENU Practice Questions

The length of the MPLS header is 32 bits, including 20 bits’label in length is used for message forwarding; the 3 bits’ EXP in length is used to bear the precedence in IP message; the 1bit’s stack bottom label S is used to indicate whether it is the last label (MPLS labels can be nested in multiple layers). Which of the following description about the 8bits’ TTL in length is correct?
A. The role is similar to the TTL of the IP header, to prevent message loops.
B. it is mainly used for control of label management.
C. it is used for control of the upstream device when distributing the label.
D. Limit the LSR.
Answer: A

Which of the following description about the RT is correct? (Multiple choice)
A. Each VPN instance is associated with one or more pairs of VPN target attributes, used to control VPN routing information distribution and reception between each site.
B. RT can be divided into two types of VPN Target attributes: Export Target and Import Target.
C. Export Target and Import Target settings are independent of each other, and both can set up multiple values, to achieve flexible VPN access control.
D. The RT value is advertised to the neighbor through Update messages in the form of BGP extended community attributes.
Answer: ABCD

MPLS, also known as multi-protocol label switching technology, so to say the core of MPLS technology is the label switching.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Flow mirroring is divided into local flow mirroring and remote flow mirroring.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Which of the following descriptions about agile controller business accompanying is correct? (Multiple choice)
A. When the administrator configure the business accompanying, should select the appropriate user authentication point and policy enforcement point.
B. In the business accompanying, can define the user class security group, this part of the security group members mainly refers to the network of a static network segment or server resources, their IP needs to manually set up a binding with the security group.
C. In the business accompanying, through a matrix relationship to describe a security group (such as users) to another security group (such as server) access rights relationship.
D. In the business accompanying, by specifying the forwarding priority of the security group to which some VIP users belong to guarantee the user’s network using experience.
Answer: ACD

Man-in-the-Middle Attack or IP/MAC Spoofing attack all can lead to information leakage and other hazards, and are more common in the Intranet.
In order to prevent Man-in-the-Middle Attack or IP/MAC spoofing attacks, which configuration methods can be used?
A. Configure the Trusted/Untrusted interface.
B. Limit the maximum number of MAC addresses that allowed to learn on the switch interface.
C. Open DHCP snooping to check the CHADDR field function in DHCP REQUEST packets.
D. Configure DHCP snooping on the switch with DAI or IPSG linkage.
Answer: D

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