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IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Developer | Killtest IBM C2020-702 Practice Exam

Which two attributes are aliases on a large product dimension? (Choose two.)
A. Product size
B. Product standard color
C. Product name in German
D. Unique long product name
Answer: C,D

In a Turbolntegrator process, you need to create a cube structure before loading data into it. In which tab would you create the cube?
A. Epilog
B. Metadata
C. Data
D. Parameters
Answer: B

The logging parameter within \}CubeProperties is designated by a “Yes” or “No” for each cube.
What does this define?
A. Data changes to the TM1 cubes logged into the tm1s.log file
B. cubepropertiesdataloggedintothetm1server.log
C. dimensionupdatesloggedintothetm1audit.log
D. userpermissionsloggedtothetm1server.log
Answer: A

Which three parameters create a view extract of a cube either manually or when using Turbolntegrator? (Choose three.)
A. Skip consolidated values.
B. Skip an ancestor of a specified element.
C. Skip zero/blank values.
D. Skip values greater than a specified numeric value.
E. Skip the eighth element in a dimension.
Answer: A,C,D

The customer is experiencing performance issues with threads blocking as shown in the TM1 Operations Console.
Which setting within the tmls.cfg file improves writer response time by removing lock contention resulting from concurrent cube data access?
A. AllowSeparateNandCRules=T
B. Parallellnteraction=T
C. UseStargateForRules=T
D. PersistentFeeders=T
Answer: B

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