[June 3, 2018]Lpi LPIC-3 300-100 Test Questions

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[June 1, 2018]Lpi LPIC-3 300-100 Test Questions

Which of the following parameters is used in the database on a slave server to direct clients that want to make changes to the OpenLDAP database to the master server?
A. updatedn
B. updateserver
C. updateref
D. updateuri
Answer: C

It is found that changes made to an OpenLDAP directory are no longer being replicated to the slave server at Tests prove that the slave server is listening on the correct port and changes are being recorded properly to the replication log file. In which file would you find the replication errors?
A. replication.err
B. replication.rej
C. 389.rej
D. 389.err
Answer: C

In an OpenLDAP masters’s slapd.conf configuration file, a replica configuration option is needed to enable a slave OpenLDAP server to replicate. What value is required in the following setting: bindmethod=____________ if using passwords for master/slave authentication? (Only specify the missing value)
Answer: simple

In the example below, what is the missing argument that is required to use secret as the password to authenticate the replication push with a slave directory server?
replica uri=ldaps: //slave.example.com: 636
bindmethod=simple ______________=secret
A. secure
B. master
C. credentials
D. password
Answer: C

Below is an ACL entry from a slapd.conf file. Fill in the access control level setting to prevent users from retrieving passwords.
access to attrs=lmPassword,ntPassword by dn=”cn=smbadmin,dc=samplenet” write by * _______
Answer: none

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